Upcoming Events, see calendar and below for details ....  

7/26 Cyber at the library = 2 PM


7/27 Senior Social "Pot Luck" - 5 PM


7/28 Free Movie "Orphan Train" - Library - 2 PM


7/30 @ The Revival - Music Jam - 7 PM


8/1 Hamilton County Fun Day - Speculator - 2-6 PM


8/2 Fire Meeting - 7 PM


8/4 Ambulance Meeting - 7 PM 


***8/5-8/7 Old Home Days ***


8/5 Swim races - Noon


8/5 Rides, exhibits, games, food, Bingo - 4-11 PM


8/5 Miss OHD Crowned - 7 PM


8/5 Dancing to "Clean Street" - 8-11 PM


8/6 Exhibits - Noon - 9 PM


8/6 Parade - 1 PM


8/6 Rides, games, food - After Parade to 11 PM


8/6 Dancing to "Country Line Rebels" - 2-6 PM


8/6 Bingo 7-11 PM


8/6 Dancing to "Third Rael" - 8-11 PM


8/6 Fireworks - 10 PM


8/6 Raffle Drawings - 11 PM


8/7 Algonquin Lake Run - 9 AM


8/7 Alumni Softball Game - Noon


8/7 Home Run Derby - Following Game


8/7 Chicken BBQ - 2 PM 


8/8 Town Board Meeting - 7 PM


8/9 Cyber at the library - 2 PM


8/10 Seniors Business Meeting - 12:45 PM


8/10 Chicken & Biscuits @ Methodist Church - 4:30 - 6:30+PM


8/13 Open house at Van Alstine Studios - 1 - 7 PM


8/14 Rabies Clinic, Ambulance Building - Noon - 2 PM


8/15-8/19 Vacation Bible School - 9 AM - Noon


8/15 Historical Society - 7 PM


8/16 Wells Improvement Group - 7 PM


8/23 Cyber at the Library - 2 PM


8/24 Senior Social "Pot Luck" 5 PM

Town Supervisor - Brian E. Towers
Town Councilman - Jaret Welch
Town Councilman - Robert D. Wright
Town Councilman - Timothy E. Hunt
Town Councilman - William R Stuart
Tax Collector - Martha Brown
Highway Superintendent - Clay Earley Jr.
Assessor - James Abbott
Water District 1 Operator - George Paige
Building Code Enforcement Officer - Robert Klafehn
Animal Control Officer/Dog Warden - George Paige
Notice of Adoption of a resolution Subject to Permissive Referendum



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a regular meeting held on the 11th day of July, 2016, the Town Board of the Town of Wells, Hamilton County, New York duly adopted a resolution, an abstract of which follows, which resolution is subject to a permissive referendum pursuant to subdivision 8 of Section 6-c of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York.


Authorizing Town Highway Superintendent to Order
2017 International 7500 SFA 4X4
Plow Truck with Plow, Wing and Sander

Moved By:
WHEREAS, the town has developed a replacement schedule to address the necessity of maintaining it equipment fleet, and
WHEREAS, the 2001 International Paystar 5000 Plow Truck currently owned by the Highway Department has exceeded it’s normal useful life expectancy to the Department, and
WHEREAS, the Town Board has determined that it is in the best interest of the town to authorize the Highway Superintendent to order a 2017 International 7500 SFA 4X4 Plow Truck with Plow, Wing and Sander from Onondaga County Bid #7823 in accordance with the town’s policies, Now therefore, be it,
RESOLVED, that the Highway Superintendent is hereby authorized to order a 2017 International 7500 SFA 4X4 Plow Truck with Plow, Wing and Sander from the Onondaga County Bid #7823 at a total cost not to exceed $188,000.00, and, be it, further
RESOLVED, that upon delivery of the 2017 International 7500, the 2001 International Paystar 5000 Plow Truck will be declared surplus equipment and publicly sold at action with a minimum price of $25,000.00 and any revenue credited to DA-2665 “Sale of Equipment”.


By Order of the Wells Town Board

Mary Ellen Stofelano, Town Clerk

Dated: July 11, 2016

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Welcome to our website! 

     Established on April 1, 1805, the Town of Wells has followed many footprints. Progress has altered its initial appearance but the town's ability to sustain despite struggles remains in step with the first footprints made. Wells continues, a wonderful community that has retained the simple pleasures and family atmosphere of small town life. The town offers this website as a means of communicating important information and events with its residents and other members of the general public.  It is constantly being updated so check back often.

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Town of Wells Final Assessment Rolls

Link to the Town of Wells 2016 Final Assessment Roll:



Annual Water Report 2015 as reported in 2016

     The Town of Wells 2015 Annual Water Quality Report is now available to the public. The report may be viewed by clicking Department Pages, Water Department, Documents. 

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Boston Excursion
October 01, 2016
Cyber at the Library
January 12, 2016

     The Virginia Hosley Free Library, will hold an ongoing program that focuses on learning and sharing information on the various types of technology available.  Sessions will continue every second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 2-3 p.m.


Wells Senior Nutrition Site Offers Home Deliveries
October 06, 2015
There is help available for Hamilton County Seniors who experience a decline in his/her mobility or health.


Wells Food Pantry Open Every Tuesday
August 05, 2015
Hours and contact information


State Land use guideline
February 01, 2013
State Land use guideline
Website Helps New Yorkers Find Jobs Within the State
December 02, 2011
"Jobs Express," a new website designed to help New Yorkers who are seeking employment.
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